Zynga v. Vostu Update

As I mentioned in my prior post, the US judge in this case slapped a temporary restraining order on Zynga, so they could not enforce a Brazilian injunction against Vostu. The Brazilian injunction was obtained without a full hearing, and without notifying Vostu, in Brazil, after Zynga sued Vostu in the US court.

The Brazilian order has been stayed by the Brazilian court, while Vostu appeals. The US judge has therefore disolved the TRO, and said that no injunction is likely to be forthcoming. Zynga filed a stipulation with the court in which it said it would not pursue the recovery of any damages in Brazil that were recoverable in the U.S. litigation.

The two cases are going on in parallel again, but the US court has the damages issue in hand. Given that Zynga will not pursue damages in Brazil, they may choose to stop litigation there.